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Where Are Your Energy Dollars Going?

Air Seal Duct Systems!

The typical household uses more than 11,300 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity each year.
On average, that is an annual cost of $1,340, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.
Where are all of these energy dollars going?

In most homes, air conditioning uses more energy than any other appliance.
Add to this the significant amount of power used by a furnace blower—even in a gas-fired unit—and space conditioning is the first place to look for energy-saving opportunities. Have your furnace and air conditioner cleaned and inspected annually by a qualified professional. Make sure your home is properly insulated and weatherized around doors and windows. Consider installing a whole-house fan; they use far less energy than a central air-conditioning system.

Average Monthly Energy Use of Common Household Devices
Central Air Conditioner* 720 kWh
Electric Water Heater 400 kWh
Dehumidifier 230 kWh
Furnace Blower* 105 kWh
Whole House Fan 96 kWh
Clothes Dryer 80 kWh
Clothes Washer 75 kWh
Refrigerator/Freezer 60 kWh
Lighting 60 kWh
Flat Screen TV 35 kWh
*Heating and cooling estimates apply only during summer and winter months and can vary depending on climate.